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Words will not come. Kind people will tell me to think of all the good and happy times. They were all good and happy times so the missing is made worse and the thinking brings me to tears, as there is nowhere else to go. Martha, Martha, Martha ………….


Roytan Ariadne….Esme

What can I say through my tears this morning, trying to keep a smile on my face for her, so that she would know that everything was alright. She was pretty, talented, kind, and the happiest little dog I shall ever have as a friend. If she had been a person, she would have always found something good in everyone. I can remember writing the lines below on her page. I could write more. I could go on and on writing all the memories. At 13 and a quarter her heart could not keep up with all the things she still wanted to do, maybe she had given of it too freely. I miss your eyes and your wagging tail. I love you Esme.

2005 Esme did a full season’s picking up with Martin and he is very pleased with her progress, so much so that he is joining in my novice class on Wednesdays!
AND WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little did I dream that little ol’ Es would show her socks off to WIN the Best Labrador Bitch in the Pickers Up Class at Crufts!!
2006 October 25th. Esme whelped her first litter.
2007 January and back to picking up for the last days of the shooting season!
2008 October 9th. Esme safely delivered her second litter of 9 beautiful pups to Badgersleigh Likely Lad
2010 March26th Esme gives birth to her third litter of pups, this time to Thurbajen’s The Vagabond