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At the grand age of 14 years and 4 months we have let Killarney go. The town in Ireland, her namesake, is renowned for it’s superlatives, the three stunning lakes, the marvellous hills, dales and waterfalls, and it’s simply unsurpassed and unparallelled scenic beauty.
Killarney, our wonderful girl, always had and will always have, all the superlatives one could possibly wish in a true mother, grandmother, friend, workmate and companion, – an integral member of our family.
She was stoic through all her life to the end, and can now sleep in our hearts forever.


KC Good Citizen

After AGG Fun Scurry on Saturday April 29th, Lucy, our Assessor surprised a few people who had missed out on our KCGC day on April 1st. Amongst those receiving their pass awards were 3 Roytans.

Receiving Bronze with fellow trainee Vicky with Ruby, are:- on the left Mark with Merlin (Roytan Ring Of Fire) and on the right, Graeme with Merlin (Roytan Solar Eclipse)

and on the right, receiving Silver with friend Ruth with Wilma, is Sue with Winston (Roytan Black Knight)

All the results and pictures of the scurry awards are going up on the Gundog Page on this site so go have a look!

The total raised for Raystede has now reached £307.00!

Roytan Beebee’s Baby


Littley may have been small , but she had the heart of a big dog. She was one of life’s fighters and I think Martin and I fought along with her. As you can see from the pictures of her with Sotchi yesterday, she was playing like a normal happy puppy, but today late this afternoon things were quite suddenly taken out of our hands and Littley has now gone…Lukasz kindly came and put her quietly to sleep. As we both understand it, from the onset of the sudden symptoms, this was a liver shunt at work, the toxins build up quickly and start to “poison” the brain, so that little Littley no longer knew who she was. From start to finish was just 40 minutes, but it was 40 minutes that neither of us wished to happen. She passed peacefully in my arms and has gone away as the Littley who had stolen our hearts. Maybe in doggy heaven, where we hope she is, she will grow to be a big Littley with the same big heart. xxx