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Lizzie, Roytan Ms Elizabeth Bennet

Roytan Ms Elizabeth Bennet

Lizzie…….. Monday July 23rd.

At 10.30 this morning I told Sian that Lizzie has gone far away. She replied that “she’s not far away, she’s with you and all the rest of the family….happy Lizzie again”. Whatever ugly thing had taken hold of my lovely girl, was not going to let go, and to ask her to continue fighting something like that was unthinkable. My Lizzie went partially quite a while ago , occasionally coming back to check I was still here for her. Today I let her go completely which was the kindest but hardest thing I could do. She will no longer have to worry about finding me because I will be there for her forever.

Cass & Kindle

So very pleased to announce the arrival of this year’s two wonderful litters. Cass (Roytan Game Set And Match) whelped her 8 pups to Carpenny Creole Gumbo (Yogi) on June 23rd. She has 1 yellow boy, 3 chocolate boys, and 4 chocolate girls.

Kindle (Roytan Lydia) whelped her 8 pups to Carpenny Creole Gumbo on June 28th. She has 4 boys and 4 girls.

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This will be taking over from the Forum, and we hope this to be a more accessible way of keeping in touch, sharing photos and seeking advice.

Bronze Good Citizen for Martha

Delighted Richard and Moira sent me this picture of Martha, (Roytan Do It Now), one of Annie’s October pups, after she had just received her Kennel Club Good Citizen ¬†Bronze Award in Brighton. This picture is better late than never as I believe her certificate says May 9th!…Sorry! What a clever girl at just 7 months old.